PNR Consultancy

Getting it right amid global growth

“We are scientists, not accountants,” says PNR Consultancy’s Matthew Smith. “Danbro makes sure we don’t have to think about our accounts as we can trust them to get it right every time.”

PNR Consultancy works across the globe testing cosmetic products for clients and providing all of the regulatory documents they need to break into new markets.

The business has been working with Danbro for four years and, over that period, PNR Consultancy has grown across the globe. Matthew says: “In all that time, Danbro has never faltered once. If we need anything, they are always there and quick to respond.”

The consultancy takes a range of products from cosmetics & electricals to toys and textile items from manufacturers, retailers and brand owners .  Delivering the necessary tests and associated regulatory paperwork to help them export to new markets. They possess all of the in-house credentials and contacts to create the necessary technical files and act as the go-between for clients and approving bodies.

Despite the global nature of the work, Matthew says they have relatively simple billing systems but they still wanted an accountancy partner they could trust.

He concludes: “We vetted a few accountancy firms when we started out and Danbro just felt right. We wanted people who know what they are doing and who can keep it simple for us. Danbro’s team delivers on that.

“They make it extremely easy for us and tell us what we need to do and give us much needed peace of mind. We have been growing across the globe and our network is always expanding. Danbro can handle it all and we know we can trust them to get it right.”

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