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Building a relationship on trust

Building a relationship on trust

As a leading provider of manpower to the aviation and automotive industries, Aeropeople needs partners it can trust to deliver the same high quality services it prides itself on, and has now been working with Danbro for 12 years.

Aeropeople works with thousands of skilled contractors a year, helping them to secure temporary and permanent placements with major employers around the aviation sector.

With many of the candidates coming to self-employment for the first time and needing support in finding help they can trust, Aeropeople has trusted preferred suppliers for their contractors to choose from.

Compliance manager at Aeropeople, Julie Welford-Biggs, says: “We have a good, longstanding relationship with Danbro with whom we trust, which is very important to us. Any of our candidates can be referred to Danbro and it’s reassuring to know they will be well looked after.”

Danbro’s team has worked to build a trusted relationship and ensure Aeropeople receives expert support, advice and a service that protects both the agency and its candidates.

Julie says Danbro delivers a wealth of information to keep the Aeropeople team up to date, and adds that with compliance being a main concern, they can rely on Danbro to protect them.

She concludes: “They are efficient and most significantly they deliver a product and service that is compliant, fulfilling not only our requirements but that of our contractors.”

Error Agency

Delivering bespoke solutions for businesses

Delivering bespoke solutions for businesses

London-based Error Agency needed a tailored package from an accountancy services provider that would meet the needs of their growing business.

Error specialises in human-centred interaction, building digital products and services for a range of major brands and smaller organisations. Their specialist skills have delivered substantial growth and the business needed expert support to help manage its finances.

Director of Error Agency, Ed Jones, says: “We were using an online accountancy service but it wasn’t suitable for our growing business and it just wasn’t flexible enough.

“We knew we needed something different and we found out about Danbro through accounting software provider FreeAgent. They said Danbro were great, so we got in touch.”

Danbro’s business team created a unique range of services for Error, ensuring all of their accounting needs were taken care of.

Ed adds: “Danbro is extremely flexible and responsive. They created solutions for our business rather than just pigeonholing us and delivering an off-the-shelf package.

“Their team and the service they deliver is fantastic. Danbro takes all the pain away and allows us to do what we do best. We trust Danbro to take care of us and get on with it, so we don’t have to worry about it.

“Everything is always dealt with quickly and professionally. They continue to be a great asset for our business.”


Moving to a ewe-nique service

Moving to a ewe-nique service


“Danbro takes the problem away and presents the solution,” says EweMove Managing Director Nick Neill. “Our franchisees were not getting the support and service they needed from their local accountants and they were paying too much. So, we told everyone to start using Danbro.”

EweMove is a successful estate & lettings agency franchise, providing boutique online technology and property expertise. Its model focuses on high levels of service and, after launching in 2014, has already rapidly grown to have more than 110 branches across the UK.

“Danbro have always been extremely professional and have kept our franchisees on track. Danbro just deals with everything, leaving time for franchisees to focus on delivering an exceptional service to our customers – they don’t have to think about paperwork. They maximise your time by providing the advice you need and by taking away the headache of book-keeping. Put simply, they keep us out of trouble.”

As EweMove grew and started to develop a property franchise foothold in locations around the country, many franchisees would seek out support from a local accountant. However, Nick says issues quickly began to surface.

He explains: “Our sales and lettings franchise partners just weren’t able to get the right support locally. We spoke to Danbro and suggested them as an alternative to the franchisees. A lot started to move over and the feedback was great.

“They were getting the right service at the right price. I then took the decision to say all of the franchisees should use Danbro. It’s a very professional service and delivers exactly what we need.”



Jenrick Engineering

Delivering solid advice and service

Delivering solid advice and service

Jenrick Engineering provides skilled engineers to industries around the UK, delivering candidates for short, medium and long-term contracts, and regularly refers its contractors to Danbro for expert advice and assistance.

The agency sources both permanent and temporary candidates and says because of a “ridiculous shortage” of skilled candidates – that results in five interviews within a day of walking in and a job less than 48 hours later – they always need skilled partners who can provide support with accountancy services.

Danbro is one of the preferred suppliers to Jenrick Engineering, delivering umbrella or limited company services to its clients, but adds that the accountancy services provider is “preferred by many”.

Managing director of Jenrick Engineering, Julie Alton, says: “Danbro provide solid advice, they deliver multiple options and our contractors have responded very well to what they have to offer.”

Julie says the business works with a wide number of suppliers if contractors already have their own accountancy support, but argues Danbro are in the top three of all the firms she deals with.

She adds: “Danbro have delivered the best service and we’ve had no complaints. Most importantly, they are trusted.

“They have taken the time to build a trusted relationship with us. These relationships need to be a two-way street and Danbro have really committed to that – that’s important.”

Lendfield Rodgers

A partner you can trust

A partner you can trust

While out on the road working as a trackman, Lytham-based Lendfield Rodgers needed someone who could manage his finances for him, take the stress of business management away and provide sound advice when needed.

After a string of bad experiences with other payroll services providers, Mr Rodgers’ recruitment agency recommended he tried using Danbro.

He says: “The other agencies I’d worked with in the past never had time for you and never got back to me when I needed advice. Danbro was totally different.

“I used their Employment Umbrella service and the key thing for me was the reassurance they provided. They are always happy to explain and provide advice, they break everything down for you and they always had time if there was anything I didn’t understand or wanted more information on.

“They took the stress away. The most important thing was trust. They were always there for me and I trusted them to deliver the best advice. Plus, Danbro always gets back to you.”

My Mobile Workers

Gain control over your mobile workers

Four years ago, My Mobile Workers was a small business whose finance function was performed by management staff in their spare time. Since joining Danbro in the summer of 2014, the company has grown exponentially – their employee roster has doubled, as has their turnover; and their finance department? Well, ‘thanks to Danbro, that’s all taken care of.’

We recently caught up with Graham Whistance, Managing Director of My Mobile Workers, at the company’s offices in Liverpool. He kicked off by discussing life before Danbro.

“Before we switched to Danbro, it was a combination of myself and other unqualified members of the management team who took care of the financial side of the business, week in, week out,” he said. “Finding the time to do things was a real struggle, and we needed someone to remove that burden and bring much more professionalism and support to the finance function.”

“Danbro took the time to come in and show what they could do for us. What they presented looked and sounded like exactly what we wanted, and it has been that way ever since,” he added. “The service Danbro provides includes things like processing payroll, managing accounts, weekly bank reconciliation, and weekly debtors and creditors’ runs. We’ve also been able to completely remove paper from our finance team, so no sending or receiving paper invoices, for example. Everything is automated and electronic now, and Danbro have really helped us move that process forward.”

As part of Danbro’s award-winning accountancy service, each company we work with is assigned a personal accountant to look after their financial affairs on a first-hand basis. With My Mobile Workers, Accountant Wilfred Rhodes is the specialist who takes care of their finance function, as well as ‘chipping in’ with the occasional sporting success.

“The regular visits from Danbro make a huge difference. Wilf is our point of contact and, as far as we’re concerned, he’s one of the team.”

“Everyone here knows him well and he interacts as though he’s a full time member of staff. He’s a face in the business, not just a name, and our customers are familiar with him too, which helps. I think Wilf has grown into his position quite nicely from our point of view; he comes out on our Christmas do, and even won the golf tournament that we held last year!”

“That personal touch is really important to us.”

As Graham puts it, ‘we outsource our whole finance function to Danbro’; but what is his impression of the outsourcing process now?

“Outsourcing is always a concern, particularly with something as important as finance – if it doesn’t work, you’ve put all your eggs in one basket. But with Danbro, we get a high quality of people who understand our business and behave like our personal finance team. They effectively pay for themselves.”

“We’re comfortable with how they do things. They know what they’re doing, have a great approach and, what we’ve found is, if you like doing things a certain way, they’re more than happy to incorporate that too. By using Quickbooks, for example, following a recommendation by Danbro, we can see what’s going on and I can manage more by extension, rather than getting involved in the detail myself.”

“As our company has grown, so too have the services that Danbro provide. From a professional point of view, we no longer have to worry about the finance side of the business at all; it’s boxed off, up-to-date, and, if any new things happen, Wilf is more than qualified and he’s well supported by the team behind him.”

And, if Graham was to describe Danbro in three words?





Delivering sound advice and service

Delivering sound advice and service

We have been using Danbro since 2012 and have had nothing but a positive experience since working with them, says leading recruitment agency Optima.

Optima is a leading provider of recruitment services to a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, engineering procurement and supply chain, senior executive appointments and their newest division of office services.

They work with both permanent and temporary candidates on fixed term and short term contracts.

Senior Consultant Iain Beason explains: “As an ever growing business, it’s crucial to give candidates a number of options on how to get paid and which accountancy service providers to use.

“A large proportion of our candidates choose to work with Danbro because they provide the options they need. The majority of our candidates are looking for support to run their own business and Danbro are focused on a clear understanding of their business requirements.

“As well as support for candidates, Danbro provides support for the Optima team which is crucial to ensuring we can provide an added value service to our candidates.

“We would have no hesitation in recommending using Danbro as a trusted accountancy provider.”

PNR Consultancy

Getting it right amid global growth

Getting it right amid global growth

“We are scientists, not accountants,” says PNR Consultancy’s Matthew Smith. “Danbro makes sure we don’t have to think about our accounts as we can trust them to get it right every time.”

PNR Consultancy works across the globe testing cosmetic products for clients and providing all of the regulatory documents they need to break into new markets.

The business has been working with Danbro for four years and, over that period, PNR Consultancy has grown across the globe. Matthew says: “In all that time, Danbro has never faltered once. If we need anything, they are always there and quick to respond.”

The consultancy takes a range of products from cosmetics & electricals to toys and textile items from manufacturers, retailers and brand owners .  Delivering the necessary tests and associated regulatory paperwork to help them export to new markets. They possess all of the in-house credentials and contacts to create the necessary technical files and act as the go-between for clients and approving bodies.

Despite the global nature of the work, Matthew says they have relatively simple billing systems but they still wanted an accountancy partner they could trust.

He concludes: “We vetted a few accountancy firms when we started out and Danbro just felt right. We wanted people who know what they are doing and who can keep it simple for us. Danbro’s team delivers on that.

“They make it extremely easy for us and tell us what we need to do and give us much needed peace of mind. We have been growing across the globe and our network is always expanding. Danbro can handle it all and we know we can trust them to get it right.”

Stephanie Lawal

Making your life easier

Making your life easier

“Danbro has made my life easier in every way,” says Employment Umbrella client Stephanie Lawal. “I recommend them to everyone because they take care of everything you need.”

Ms Lawal works as a homeless officer in East London and provides her expert services in a number of areas around the city. She says that a previous accountancy services provider has “ caused a lot of issues and delays” and turned to Danbro after a friend recommended them.

She explains: “Danbro is always available, they are quick to explain the things you need to know and they always swiftly resolve any issues you face.

“They have been really great because they just do everything for you and you don’t have to worry about a thing, leaving you to get on with what you do best.”


Adding value to agencies

Adding value to agencies

“Danbro have been a trusted partner of Matchtech for a number of years and always supported our business with the utmost professionalism,” says Graham Day,  Manager of the Rail Divison at Matchtech.

“Their desire to add value to the agencies they work with was highlighted in recent months when they were appointed by Matchtech as our umbrella partner for IR35 assessments with a key public sector client.  I would not hesitate in recommending them to any contractor looking for an Umbrella Company.”

To find out how Danbro can help you with your Matchtech contract, click here.