Calculate My Take-Home Pay

Our online calculator will give you an indication of what your take-home pay could be after we've made the necessary deductions.

Payment cycle*

Contractor Calculator - The Small Print

These calculations are based on the following assumptions…

  • Work 52 weeks per full tax year (4.3 weeks per month)
  • 20/21 tax and NIC rates
  • Tax code 1250L
  • Employers’ Pension contribution capped at £25.26 weekly, £109.41 monthly, and 5% Employees’ Pension capped at £42.10 weekly, £182.35 monthly
  • You have no other sources of income in this tax year

*This cap is due to the ‘upper earnings threshold’. You can increase pension contributions by making additional, voluntary contributions to your pension scheme.

Working through our Employment Umbrella subject to SDC…

  • Subject to Supervision, Direction or Control on our SDC service
  • No expenses
  • Standard margin of £25 per week/£75 per month OR, for those paid under £12 per hour, £16 per week/£48 per month.

Working through our Employment Umbrella not subject to SDC…

  • No Supervision, Direction or Control
  • Travel expenses £100 per week
  • Standard margin of £30 per week/£90 per month

Working through your own limited company…

  • Registered for the Flat Rate VAT Scheme. Rate used 15.5% (Limited Cost Trader) including the first year discount.
  • Director annual salary of £8,788 (unless IR35 applies to an assignment).
  • Accountancy fees based on Plan 2
  • Only one director/shareholder in company
  • Personal tax calculated on the assumption that all available profit is extracted and income is consistent throughout the year.
  • Use of home at £4 per week £18 per month
  • Travel expenses £100 per week