Making a success of any organisation – be it a business or a charity – requires consistent, well-structured funding. Generous, one-off donations of any size are always warmly received by any non-profit organisation.

However, with international children’s charity, Operation Orphan, you have the option to go even further. To make an even bigger impact.

By committing today to underwrite some of Operation Orphan’s core operational and administrative costs, you’ll be laying the foundation for them to continue pledging 100% of ALL donations to this incredible cause. Just think how powerful that is!

Having consistent, reliable, commercial financial support allows this amazing charity to continue doing what they do best. It’s an incredible investment opportunity and a chance for you and your business to make a real difference. After all, Operation Orphan don’t deal in products or services or fluctuating markets. They deal in the welfare of some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable children. And, you can play your part in changing those peoples’ lives.


By pledging your financial backing, you’ll be well-positioned to bring accountability to the ways in which the funds you donate are spent. And, you’ll also be in a position to influence the charity intellectually too, sharing your knowledge and experience of running a successful enterprise. This includes things like accounting practices, policy implementation, and organisational structure.

Charities like Operation Orphan can also provide opportunities for your employees too. Whether that’s volunteering, or even sitting on the board – gaining valuable practical and governance experience in the process.


Operation Orphan are a global charity, dedicated to improving the quality of life for orphans and vulnerable young people in the UK and around the world. They aspire to help as many children as possible in a holistic, sustainable, and culturally relevant way. Sentiments that are shared wholly and absolutely by the Danbro Family.

The organisation’s overarching aim has always been to ‘invest in the nurturing, development and overall well-being of orphans and vulnerable children. They endeavour to strengthen the existing care structure within vulnerable communities and develop orphanages that provide a high standard of care. The team works to identify and support children who have been orphaned or displaced through a sudden natural or manmade disaster, connecting them with a safe and loving care structure.

On a practical level, that translates to developing a substantial resource of finance, products, and professional skills to support children in areas such as:

  • Education

  • Health Care

  • Poverty Relief

  • Sustainable Development

  • Spiritual & Psychosocial Training

Recent projects include helping children and young people in Moldova, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, DRC, and right here in the UK.

The charity is registered with the ICO and works within the legal framework outlined by the commission and most of their donors – be they individuals, educational enterprises, or corporations – come through prior relationships or word of mouth.

Stories of Operation Orphan’s incredible success have been shared online, on social media, and in print, naturally inspiring others to engage and get involved themselves.

One of the key underlying factors in Operation Orphan’s success is the partnerships they’ve developed with private sector enterprises. As well as the Danbro Group, the charity also receives financial and/or operational support from fantastic organisations like these:

  • Media Collective

  • Ikano Bank

  • Smellie Savage

  • Home Outlet

  • Silver X Logistics

  • Russell Scanlon

  • Harper Recruitment

  • TTK Confectionary


Danbro Foundation & Operation Orphan changing Lives


The Danbro Foundation, and the Danbro Group in general, have a long and proud association with Operation Orphan.

For well over a decade, we’ve been committed to providing them with long-term, sustainable financial support. It’s a relationship that’s stood the test of time and one which continues to blossom.

Our founders Helen Broughton MBE DL and Damian Broughton MBE have been trustees of Operation Orphan since the very beginning of the charity’s journey. Helen is the Chair and Damian the Treasurer, with the Danbro Group underwriting the charity’s UK administrative costs.

That partnership has proved to be a catalyst for Operation Orphan’s growth and has enabled Operation Orphan to make an enormous difference in the lives of so many children around the world.

Through the consistent funding that Danbro provides, along with free marketing from The Media Collective, Operation Orphan’s donors have been safe in the knowledge that 100% of their contribution goes directly to helping children in need. But, in order for the charity to continue to grow, we need other businesses to come on board.


“Damian and I have known Brad and Cyrilyn for over 25 years and in that time we have seen their vision to support orphans and vulnerable children grow and develop exponentially,” says the Danbro Group’s CEO, Helen Broughton MBE DL. “It has been our absolute pleasure to work with them – in a governance capacity – and to support the work they do by giving a proportion of our profits each month.”

“It really is a partnership in the truest sense of the word.”

“The Operation Orphan board is a broad mix of people with various skills and experience. There is always clear and challenging direction, often following robust and respectful discussion.”

“We came to an early understanding with Brad and Cyrilyn that Danbro would never be offended by any ‘ask’ and that, in turn, Operation Orphan would never be offended by any ‘no’.”

“The strength of our relationships are based in the faith that we share and the respect that we have for each other, and I am constantly humbled by the sacrifices they make to help improve the lives and prospects of the children and families they support around the world.”