Lendfield Rodgers

A partner you can trust

While out on the road working as a trackman, Lytham-based Lendfield Rodgers needed someone who could manage his finances for him, take the stress of business management away and provide sound advice when needed.

After a string of bad experiences with other payroll services providers, Mr Rodgers’ recruitment agency recommended he tried using Danbro.

He says: “The other agencies I’d worked with in the past never had time for you and never got back to me when I needed advice. Danbro was totally different.

“I used their Employment Umbrella service and the key thing for me was the reassurance they provided. They are always happy to explain and provide advice, they break everything down for you and they always had time if there was anything I didn’t understand or wanted more information on.

“They took the stress away. The most important thing was trust. They were always there for me and I trusted them to deliver the best advice. Plus, Danbro always gets back to you.”

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