How ‘Management Information’ can benefit your franchise

If you’re looking to grow your franchise, professional performance analysis could hold the key to keeping ahead of the competition. More businesses are now using Management Information, the process of evaluating franchisee performance against other franchisees in the same network.

Management Information allows us to gain a solid understanding of your franchise, helping you set, deliver, and maintain financial performance goals across your franchise network. Using sophisticated analysis and benchmark figures, we’ll provide detailed reports, and suggest potential improvements to ensure you hit your targets.

How can Management Information benefit my franchise?

The information used to collate Management Information relates to your business’s unique key performance indicators. They’re then used to assess how well your franchisees are doing against the company ‘benchmark’. And the benefits of utilizing consistent, quality, Management Information are ample.

Comparing key financial figures through benchmarking will give you clarity surrounding the financial management of your franchise. The detail that benchmarking provides, combined with our high-level reporting, will give you the platform to address certain issues and improve the performance of any floundering franchisees. For instance, if one branch is performing above the company benchmark, despite operating in similar areas to other, less successful franchisees, you can use Management Information to ascertain why that might be. You can then implement that branch’s best practices across your wider network.

When it comes to franchises, at Danbro, we’ll understand, we’ll deliver and, ultimately, we’ll grow together. We’re an award-winning firm of chartered accountants and business advisors, specialising in the franchise sector. We provide industry leading coaching, training, reporting, feedback, and benchmarking analysis to franchise networks across the UK. Here’s how Associate Partner, and franchise expert, Gordie Smyth, thinks that Danbro’s Management Information can benefit your business moving forward:

Some franchisees perform considerably better than others, but why is this? Our Management Information and benchmarking analysis achieves two things. It sets the bar and provides a focus; and it enables us to quickly identify what is working so that we can do more of it! The result is an increase in productivity and an upsurge in profit.

How can Danbro help my Franchise?

Are your franchisees pulling in different directions, following different advice from different accountants? If the answer is yes, it could be hindering your franchise’s opportunity for growth; creating problems where there needn’t be, and doing significant damage to your profits.

A divided franchise is an unproductive franchise. And, when it comes to franchise accountancy, consistency is key. Your franchisees need to be working towards a common goal, with a service provider who can handle the demands of a national network.

At Danbro, we’ll deliver the level of consistency that you deserve. You’ll be assigned a personal accountant, someone who’ll take the time to understand your franchise. They’ll help you measure performance levels and share best practices across your network. Our industry expertise and outstanding track record highlight our ability to improve your franchise’s performance and drive revenue. As well as benchmarking and reporting, we also provide high-quality, industry leading training on everything from taxes and accounts to specialist programmes and software. So, partner with Danbro today to better support your franchisees, and fast-track your franchise.

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