The Danbro Foundation: Everything You Need To Know

The Danbro Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, devoted to improving the lives and prospects of those less fortunate, providing them with optimism, opportunities and, ultimately, hope for a better future.

Our culture here at Danbro has always been about more than just profit margins and number crunching. The Danbro Foundation is a prime example of how we use our money to affect positive change in the local and wider community. We aim to ‘share the success’ of the Danbro Group, committing both time and financial resource to provide opportunities and support to those who need it most.

The Foundation’s Executive Committee comprises employees from across the Danbro Group. This select group gives up their time once every quarter to make the key decisions in relation to the Foundation’s funding, marketing, and charitable efforts. Working alongside local groups, such as Street Angels, and international charities like Operation Orphan, the Danbro Foundation formalises the way in which the company gives back. It also enables the people who help generate the profits to have a big say in how and where the money gets spent.

What does the Danbro Foundation do?

The Danbro Foundation’s Board of Trustees meets once per quarter to discuss and consider new projects. They listen to guest speakers present and pitch their charities, ideas, and requests for funding. And, they make decisions on new and existing investments.

To help Trustees decide which ventures to support, we have three core areas of focus:
  1. Working with local organisations to improve the lives and prospects of those living in our communities. To support and create opportunities for people.

  2. Supporting those who don’t have the backing of large funding bodies. We look for opportunities where our money will make a real, tangible difference to the communities that receive our backing and the impact it can have on the lives of certain individuals. That’s both at home and in the wider world.

  3. To be creative and flexible in our approach to help. To consider other ways in which we can help – sometimes over and above monetary contributions. So, while we may not always have the requisite funds to make a financial contribution, that doesn’t mean we can’t assist another way.
IT Manager, Terry Glenister, who joined the company back in 2011, is one of the Foundation’s long-serving committee members. Discussing his role within the Foundation, he explains how he got involved and the ways in which the organisation improves the lives of other people.

“Danbro has afforded me many opportunities to develop, both personally and professionally,” said Terry. “So, when the chance arose to be part of the Danbro Foundation, I applied without hesitation. As a member of the Foundation, I’m able to be part of a team that can genuinely help better the lives of other people.”

The Danbro Foundation & Operation Orphan

As we alluded to earlier, the Danbro Foundation, and the Danbro Group in general, have a long and proud association with international children’s charity, Operation Orphan.

Operation Orphan are dedicated to improving the quality of life for orphans and vulnerable young people in the UK and around the world. They aspire to help as many children as possible in a holistic, sustainable, and culturally relevant way. These are sentiments shared by the Danbro Family. And, for over a decade, we’ve been committed to providing them with long-term, sustainable financial support. It’s a relationship that’s stood the test of time and one which continues to blossom.

Founders Helen Broughton MBE DL and Damian Broughton MBE have been trustees of Operation Orphan since the very beginning. Helen is the Chair and Damian the Treasurer, with the Danbro Group underwriting all the charity’s UK administrative costs.

That partnership has proved to be a catalyst for Operation Orphan’s growth. It’s made an enormous difference to the lives of so many children around the world.

Through the consistent funding that Danbro provides, along with free marketing from The Media Collective, Operation Orphan’s donors are safe in the knowledge that 100% of their contribution goes directly to helping children in need. Such as those affected by – and fleeing from – the conflict in Ukraine.

Company Briefing Fancy Dress Day

In fact, the Foundation recently encouraged Danbro employees to attend one of our quarterly Company Briefings in fancy dress. The stipulation being that participants (pictured) had to dress up as someone/something beginning with the same letter as their first name.

From Cruella Deville to Cristiano Ronaldo and everything in-between (including a T-Rex, a Hot Dog, and an Egg Plant!), the team raised an amazing £413.82. The Foundation agreed to double this amount, meaning total proceeds of £827.64 raised for Operation Orphan’s emergency appeal. Funds raised through the appeal are supporting the deployment of Operation Orphan’s Crisis Response Team in Moldova. A specialist team was dispatched to the country, which borders Ukraine, to help vulnerable and unaccompanied children caught up in the heartbreaking refugee crisis. Providing safety, food, clothing, and other essentials they are, as always, doing fantastic work and making a huge difference.

Going back to the essence of Danbro’s partnership with Operation Orphan, Cyrilyn Moore, the charity’s Co-Founder and Director of Communications says Danbro have ‘led the way’ with our model of investment, setting a ‘tremendous example’ for others to follow.

“It’s really because of Danbro leading the way in this model that we now have other businesses following suit,” she said. “Helen and Damian have most definitely paved the way for this. They’ve set such a tremendous example for how charities and corporate companies can work hand in hand to build sustainability and increase donor trust.”

Meet the team

The Danbro Foundation prides itself on contributing time, money, and valuable resource to charitable causes, playing an integral role in local life and society more generally. But who are the individuals that make up the Foundation? Here’s a brief comment from each of the Board of Trustees, who hail from across the Danbro Group.

  • Helen Broughton MBE DL, CEO of the Danbro Group

“Danbro is one big family. The culture here is about respect, integrity, and trust. So, I’m particularly proud that employees from across the group are involved in the decision-making process with regard to where the profits they help generate are gifted. The relationship we have with Operation Orphan is a prime example of how the money made by commercial businesses, such as ourselves, can be used to support charitable causes. We underwrite Operation Orphan’s overheads. So, they can guarantee that 100% of the donations they receive go to helping vulnerable children, and the communities in which they live.”

  • Jenny Richmond, Operations Coordinator

“Joining the Foundation has given me the ability to help make a difference to the lives of others. Being a member of the Danbro charity committee previously was something I enjoyed. So, when the opportunity to become part of the Danbro Foundation arose I jumped at the chance. I look forward to what the future holds for the Foundation, and seeing what opportunities we can support and encourage both locally and worldwide.”

  • Terry Glenister, IT Manager

“As a member of the Danbro Foundation, I’m able to be part of a team that can genuinely help better the lives of others. We could be helping local charities fund day trips or funding missions across the globe to help people affected by hurricanes or wars. Being part of this team has been an eye-opening experience and I’m thankful that I can play a part in helping the Foundation achieve its goals.”

  • Katie Gamble, Head of Group Compliance & Information

“Being a Trustee of the Danbro Foundation is an amazing opportunity to be part of something that helps to facilitate the incredible work of the charities we support. I want us to help as many people as possible.”

  • Leanne Edwards, Senior Personal Accountant

“As someone who’s passionate about helping people, I had to get involved with the Danbro Foundation when the opportunity arose! Danbro is a real family. And, the Foundation does amazing work in spreading our values to people outside of the company. We want to help people in our local area – and beyond – achieve the best they can in life.”

  • Emma Cornah, Legal Counsel

“The Danbro Foundation is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in a forward-thinking organisation with a social conscience. I believe we make a real difference to the small causes that we support.”

  • Susan Hughes, Credit Controller

“One of the most beautiful things in life is to help others and I strongly believe in giving something back to try and help those whose lives haven’t been as blessed as our own. So, I’m very proud to be a member of the Danbro Foundation.”

  • Sam Wright, Marketing Manager

“I joined the Foundation in the summer of 2021. I’ve loved being part of a forward-thinking, collaborative organisation that makes a tangible difference to worthwhile charities in both the local and wider community.”
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