IR35 Status Assessments

Free Risk Indication Tool & £100 +VAT for a full assessment

Determining IR35 Status

In April 2020, agencies and end clients will become responsible for determining the IR35 status of contracts undertaken by Limited Companies (PSCs).
There’s currently no official ‘review’ or ‘test’ available that would stand up in court. And, although the CEST tool has been developed by HMRC, it’s just an indicator and could not be relied upon if investigated.

IR35 Specialists

We’ve been working with PSCs since the IR35 legislation was introduced back in 2000. So, we have both the knowledge and experience to support agencies and end clients like you when you’re making a decision about the IR35 status of a contract.

Our exclusive IR35 Status Assessment Service will give you a decision on a contractor’s IR35 status and the reasons behind it. This is called an IR35 Status Determination Statement and the legislation states that you need to provide this to your contractors along with their contract.

If you’re an end client but a recruitment agency or other third party pays the Limited Company, you should also provide this to them. Remember, they’re responsible for ensuring the necessary deductions are made if the contract is inside IR35.

Why Danbro?

IR35 can be complex and there are many factors that contribute towards a decision. Our process is online for your convenience.

Unlike some organisations, we don’t advocate just pushing your information through a faceless online tool. We care about the process, which is why ours comes in two parts. This is to ensure you have peace of mind and reduce your risk.

What do we cover?

  • Contract review
  • Working practices review
  • Status Determination Statement

You’ll also get a single point of contact, so you can rest assured that your case will be reviewed by an expert.

How does the IR35 assessment work?

Part One: Our online risk indicator tool will determine the risk that a PSC will be inside IR35. It enables you to decide what level of risk you want to take and which cases you’d like to fully review through part two of our service.

Part Two:For those cases you’d like to review further, we’ll put them through our in-depth service where each case will be assessed by a specialist member of our team in every case – without exception. They’ll ask some more questions and review the information personally, along with a copy of the contract, to make sure the decision you receive is the right one. So, you get the peace of mind you deserve.

The details:

Step 1

Get in touch and a member of our team will call you

Step 2

We’ll discuss your circumstances and which process might work best for you and talk you through our T&Cs, in most cases this will include a two part process

Step 3

You will complete our free risk indicator tool to determine the IR35 risk level of each assignment

Step 4

Dependant on your approach we will agree which cases need to be reviewed fully

Step 5

Where a full review is required we’ll ask a few more questions and request a copy of the contract in place for the assignment

Step 6

Once received, we will complete our full review and provide you with a Status Determination Statement

Step 7

For those who will be operating inside IR35 we are able to offer the Danbro Umbrella solution and upon your request can contact them to get them registered

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