The people have spoken – says Danbro chief

Now is the time for economic stability, to consolidate what has already been achieved and support the continued growth of a flexible workforce.

The vote of confidence in the new Government comes from Danbro’s Damian Broughton, Managing Director of one of Britain’s most inspirational companies after one of the most potentially divisive General Elections of all time led to a decisive Conservative majority.

The boss of a company recently hailed for the second year running one of the top 1000 companies to ‘inspire Britain’ (Telegraph/London Stock Exchange) now urges David Cameron to give the country what it needs – “support for a flexible workforce and sustained economic stability.”

Mr Broughton added: “The results ends the uncertainty. The result enables the Conservatives to build upon what they have achieved to date and continue on a course which hasn’t been a bad one for the UK economically.

Hopefully it will get better because there will be more of a focus on what the Conservative Party is trying to do – which is to get us out of the economic slump that we have been in.

They are successfully doing that and hopefully they will continue and the flexible workforce – the very workforce we represent here at Danbro – will continue to be a major part of that.

It has been a wake-up call in many respects. Both the SNP and UKIP results reflect that. The Government must safeguard the economy – and Europe. Nor should the oil and gas industry become a political football – the resurgence of the industry must continue to play an important part in the UK economy.

The SNP’s success has been more of a vote against Labour essentially, people were tired of the complacency of Labour politicians up in Scotland, but we’ll have to wait and see how that influences English politics.

In many ways I am glad the Conservatives have got in because we know their take on tax avoidance and the way that legislation around our sector is going forward – and we welcome that.

We will continue to play a role in consultation and hopefully see the fruition of that going forward. There will be further consultation for us now with regard to the travel and subsistence legislation that will happen in Autumn.

One of my worries during the campaign was that the Liberal Democrats had said they would force a Budget within 50 days if they continued to share power. It would have been catastrophic and would have led to uncertainty in the greater UK economy. We would have been holding our breath for 50 days – but my goodness the public has certainly shown its opinion of the Liberal Democrats.

Another result gives us much cause for optimism too. Locally, Mark Menzies (Conservative) has been a good politician, a really strong constituency MP for this area, Fylde. We are glad he’s got back in. He has been a great representative for us in Parliament and fighting for our causes and the Fylde’s corner. Despite the rhetoric heard from the Independents and UKIP opposition he has done very well in getting a good majority.

Turning back to the main election, the pollsters got it wrong – even after the exit polls closed. It shows the only vote that counts is the actual vote. And the people have spoken.”

Jacqui Morley PRCA
PR Consultant

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