The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices

The Taylor Review has launched today after much anticipation, with Matthew Taylor recommending that the ‘Worker’ is now better described as the ‘Dependent Contractor.’ The Review which looks at the UK’s labour market and employment practices, was commissioned by the Prime Minister in October last year, following concerns about modern ways of working and the rise of platform based business models, such as the one utilised by taxi firm Uber.


Uber have always argued that their drivers are not employed, and that they are a technology company offering a digital platform used by the self-employed in order to take advantage of this modern, flexible way of working.


Taylor acknowledged that platform based business models were valuable in providing flexible working for many, but stated that ‘Dependent Contractors’ require additional protection,


“While the Review acknowledges that the UK’s labour market is currently looking strong, and that flexibility is likely to have played a role in its current success, there exist a number of factors that could lead to poorer outcomes at the individual level.”


We will now have to await the exact outcome of the report, with the Prime Minister intending to announce her plans later in the year.


Danbro Executive Chairman, Damian Broughton, MBE commented,

“We welcome the publication of this greatly anticipated report. It gives the market an indication of changes that may be coming if the Government takes on some, if not all, of its recommendations. We agree with Matthew Taylor’s approach of presenting ‘carrots’ rather than ‘sticks’ to encourage change. We note that the report has emphasised the importance of the temporary flexible worker market which has contributed to such low levels of unemployment. The recommendations are summarised in a seven point plan at the end of the report and no doubt many will be adding the report to their holiday reading list.”


You can read Matthew Taylor’s full report here.

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