UK majority feel tax avoidance is wrong, poll suggests

More people are questioning the ethics of businesses which exploit loopholes in the state taxation safety net and leave HMRC struggling to bridge a tax gap of at least £32bn. It’s led to protest marches, political rows and recriminations, and some high profile casualties of closer scrutiny in recent days.

Now a new poll by YouGov has found that 59 per cent of people find it ‘unacceptable’ to legally avoid tax. Only 32 per cent find tax avoidance reasonable. That leaves nine per cent on the fence.

The question put to respondents was: “As you may know, there is a difference between tax AVOIDANCE, whereby companies/people use artificial but legal methods to minimise the tax they pay, and tax EVASION, where companies/people act illegally to pay less tax, or no tax at all. In general, do you think it is acceptable or unacceptable to LEGALLY avoid paying tax?”

Damian Broughton, Managing Director of Danbro Accounting, says: “We agree with the public on this one. Tax avoidance aims to flout the spirit of the law whilst technically abiding by the letter of it.

“Morally that feels wrong.

“It is, however, important to distinguish between tax avoidance and tax planning. Danbro, as accountants, help their clients plan so they know what the impact of taxation is on the decisions they make.

“No-one should have to pay more tax than they should and reputable companies like Danbro will help them ensure they don’t.”

Danbro has built a national reputation for financial fair play on the cornerstones of integrity, accreditation, full compliance and the ethos of ‘don’t just do well, do better.’

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