Can the Self-Employed Help Britain Bounce Back from Brexit?

You might have noticed that the UK’s decision to leave the European Union has caused something of a stir. Markets have shaken, and both the private and public sectors have suffered as a result of the uncertainty associated with implementing the referendum result. This confusion has triggered national concern, not least in business.

At Danbro, though, it’s our belief that the self-employed could be on the precipice of a soar in demand. The role of freelancers, contractors and temporary workers could be crucial in supporting British businesses as they adapt to the post-Brexit landscape.


Danbro’s Executive Chairman, Damian Broughton MBE, points out that the UK’s contractor workforce will be well placed to help stabilise the country’s economy. They could also prove pivotal, he believes, in growing our industries after we’ve left. Whenever that may be.

“Brexit. The word can immediately start a wave of mixed emotions,” says Damian. “Frustration. Disappointment. Hope deferred. Pride. Expectation. Opportunity. But let’s focus on that last one.”
“As with any major change, there are always opportunities. We anticipate that the UK’s PLC market will turn to freelancers, contractors and temporary workers to fill the gap should opportunities change for our European colleagues after Brexit.”


Despite the doubt and confusion – exacerbated by the current political landscape – Damian believes that past-experience indicates that freelancers and contractors could actually see an upturn in incoming work. So, following the legislation and Governmental decisions that have affected the self-employment sector in recent years, could Brexit, of all things, be the turning point?

“Following the date when the UK leaves Europe – whenever that may be – there will be a further period of at least two years to agree the finer details of the exit,” Damian continued. “What’s more, it might take another few years for the country’s new trade deals to settle in.”

“Throughout these bedding in periods, we foresee many Companies being unwilling to take on new employees. After all, why should they when they don’t have to? This will result in a requirement for flexible workers to fill the gap.”

“At the start of the 2008 recession the self-employed sector experienced rapid, continued and sustainable growth. So, amid the uncertainty, amid the claims and counter claims of politicians, and amid the heightened emotions, it’s somewhat refreshing to consider the opportunities that’re available to those in self-employment.”


In 20 years in business, Danbro have helped more than 100,000 contractors nationwide.

We provide a wealth of services to temporary workers, small businesses and the self-employed. Operating at the centre of our sector, we deliver support and expertise to help the UK’s flourishing flexible workforce. Our passion lies in people; putting you, our customers, at the very heart of what we do. And, whilst we’ve grown in stature during the last two decades, our company values haven’t changed at all.

You can rely on us to deliver the best advice, information & contractor solutions. To find out how we can support you and your business through Brexit, get in touch today. Or, call us now on 01253 600 140.

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