Helen Broughton recognised as Hidden Hero of Lancashire

Danbro’s Managing Director Helen Broughton MBE was named as one of twelve hidden heroes of Lancashire on Wednesday, as part of an event to acknowledge the achievements of local leaders in business, the charitable sector, and sport. Helen, who co-founded the accountancy provider said she felt “humbled and privileged” to have received the accolade.

Hosted by BusinessCloud, the event took place on Lytham Green at the annual St George’s Day Festival, where twelve hidden heroes of Lancashire were given the opportunity to share their stories. Other winners included Andy Holt, owner of Accrington Stanley FC, Laila Remtulla MBE, Managing Director of Laila’s Fine Foods, and Jeremy Lefton, Managing Director of Roundhouse Momentum Developments.

Helen was quick to acknowledge the team behind Danbro’s success story,

“Originally I thought that a hero was someone who saves lives but having looked at the definition, a hero is someone who shows courage, achieves success and is a noble character. However, I’m just one person, and while I’m proud of our success, there are of course lots of people who’ve helped us along the way.”

Asked about what motivates her, Helen says it’s the power to do something good,

“Due to our success, we have the ability to make good things happen, and use our resources to help those less fortunate. That’s what motivates me now.”

You can read more about each of the hidden heroes, here.

Photo credit: St George’s Day Festival Lytham, http://www.stgeorgesdayfestival.com/

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