On Election Eve, we predict growth in self-employment

It’s been hailed as the make-or-break election not just for that most cherished institution, the National Health Service, but the health of our economy too.

Damian Broughton, Managing Director of Danbro, says “Self-employment has become the driving force of the economic recovery, the lifeline which nurtures the growth of a far more flexible work force but it has to be sustained by companies which play it strictly by the rules to offer stability and transparency.”

On the eve of the most talked-about General Election for decades Mr Broughton explained, “For many years now the UK has been generally recognised internationally as a country promoting self-employment….promoting that entrepreneurial spirit. The support services around this well-established way of working are on the political radar; but following the House of Lords select committee looking at Personal Service Companies (PSCs) and the recent focus on umbrella companies in the 2015 budget, senior policy experts indicate little risk of either solution being prohibited by any political party. The general trend is towards ensuring compliance.

Danbro’s focus on compliance means it is likely to benefit from a steady increase in demand for recognisable compliant services, continued growth in self-employment, and the trend towards greater flexibility in the labour market, indicate continuing demand for PSC and Umbrella solutions.

Zero hours contracts have been mentioned by many of the Parties, indeed, Mr Cameron has admitted that he could not work using a zero hour contract. Danbro’s umbrella company is ideally placed to offer an alternative for the zero hour contract workers market place, offering stability and transparency for workers, agencies and end clients.”

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Jacqui Morley PRCA
PR Consultant

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