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I’m sure that when faced with choosing any product or service, cost and reputation are at the forefront of our minds. But even then, how do you choose a company who suit your values? In a sector which has been construed as boring and having no personality, and with all accountants and firms viewed in the same way, how does a customer choose the right firm for them? It suddenly struck me – perhaps those struggling customers would benefit from knowing why an accountant made the choice to work for their employer. Perhaps having this insight could reveal hidden factors that may just make you see with fresh eyes, making the decision easier. Let’s take a look at why we’re not your average accountants, and this is not your average workplace.

Looking out for us, so we can look out for you

From free fruit bowls to keep our staff well-nourished, to company hosted and funded events; at Danbro we are certainly well looked after, meaning in turn we are able to look after our clients. This year, along with our families and friends, staff were invited to a very colourful and spirited Luau at our employer’s home. Sun, entertainment, free food and drink… it doesn’t seem so boring after all, eh? Events like this are a fantastic way to encourage the development of workforce relationships, and enforce Danbro’s family values.  Without wanting to sound too corny, it really does feel like a family!

Mindset over skillset

Danbro hire for mindset, not skillset – and when we need development in an area, we are encouraged to train for professional qualifications, with both financial and practical support provided by our employer. Additionally, regular training ensures we’re up to date with the latest tax news.

Flexible working

And then there’s the flexible working hours, which not only helps when scheduling appointments, it also means that we’re able to provide longer opening hours, making ourselves available to our clients outside of normal office hours. Time here at Danbro always flies by. I am never sat thinking is it 5pm yet? Quite the opposite – oh gosh it’s 4.50pm, where has the day gone?

Relaxed dress code

We’re not afraid to do things differently. A recent change to our company policy has seen a more relaxed dress code trialled and then rolled out… You may picture accountants as suited and very serious. And of course, we take the serious stuff seriously, but we don’t believe that all staff must be suited and booted at all times. We are confident in what we do; we know we do a good job for our clients.  We don’t need business attire to portray that message.

A room with a view

Then there’s the view. We’re obviously very busy advising clients but when we’re not, we have lovely Lytham to gaze at. Besides the lucky people that work on a Mediterranean beach, the sun setting over the Lytham Windmill must be one of the best views out there! Danbro’s creativity, development, and its investment in staff have made it an extremely attractive place to be, and an award-winning business and employer. Its top-notch facilities in a desirable location, flexible working hours and ‘dress how you please’ policy create a positive atmosphere for us workers. Our appreciation and respect for our employer is demonstrated by our desire to work hard for them and do our bit, for the success of the business and satisfaction of our clients. A happy and motivated workforce is a productive one, and here at Danbro, we are as happy and as motivated as can be.

So why not choose Danbro? I did.

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