Get yourself a new Umbrella (Company) for Christmas

Christmas time. Finances are stretched, limits reached and, for many who can’t count on the reliability of full-time employment, it can be a time of stress and apprehension.

Frustration at a lack of holidays, hesitance about making longer term financial commitments, and anxiety about making ends meet until your next contract should not be included on your to-do-list this winter. And, given the somewhat uncertain climate (both meteorologically and otherwise), having a responsive and reliable Umbrella by your side is imperative.

So, if you’re thinking of joining an Umbrella company, or switching to a new provider, we’ve answered a few key questions to help you find what’s right for you.

What is an Umbrella Company?

If you’re choosing a payroll provider, your main options tend to be PAYE (through your agency), or an Employment Umbrella company.

Umbrella companies act as intermediaries between you – the contractor – and your end client or agency. So, things like Tax and National Insurance contributions are deducted by the company on your behalf and you are paid as if you were a full-time employee. As a result, this serves to simplify your financial and administrative responsibilities and, in turn, means that you don’t have to worry about filing tax returns.

There are vast swathes of Umbrella companies across the UK, all vying for your interest and trust. Choosing the right one is important, as it’s a decision that could have a lasting impact on your financial future. The best Employment Umbrella companies provide rewards, security, and all the benefits of permanent employment. The worst could cost you time, money and a whole lot more.

What are the benefits of Umbrella Employment?

  1. Continuity of Employment

A sense of security is something that Umbrella companies are able to provide to freelancers and contractors. Despite having multiple contracts on the go, with a host of end-clients, you’ll only ever have one employer. In turn, it will be easier to borrow money or apply for a mortgage, for example.

  1. HR Support

Umbrella employees should have access to a professional HR department, to provide support when things aren’t running quite so smoothly. This can be anything from notice pay disputes to unfair dismissal.

  1. Insurance

Insurance is a must, whichever Umbrella company you choose. Certain Umbrella companies provide necessary cover, as standard, to enable you to perform your work safely and securely. Your Umbrella company may also provide things like health, life and accident insurance, at no extra cost.

  1. Statutory Employment Rights

Finally, when you join an Umbrella company, you ought to have your statutory employment rights conveyed to you. This includes employment rights such as sick pay, holiday pay, maternity pay and paternity pay.

What about Danbro’s Umbrella Employment Solution?

Here at Danbro, we offer a wide selection of employment solutions; all of which include the benefits of full-time employment, such as statutory payments, holiday pay, and our private pension scheme. What’s more, we’ll support your contracting career, providing employment benefits, taking care of your admin and, most importantly, paying you on time and in full.

Here’s a brief summary of what Danbro’s Employment Umbrella solution has to offer:

  • Weekly payments, with mobile alerts
  • No set-up costs, no exit costs, no tie-in period
  • BUPA Cash Plan
  • Danbro Rewards
  • Danbro One pension scheme
  • Public Liability, Professional Indemnity & Employers’ Liability insurance
  • Personal accident cover
  • Discounted Self-Assessment tax return
  • Online timesheet portal
  • Dedicated customer care team
  • Full statutory employment rights
So, if you decide that Danbro’s Employment Umbrella solution is right for you, get in touch with us today. Our dedicated team of experts will give you a free consultation to help find the most suitable option. Furthermore, you’ll be provided with a sample calculation to give you a better idea of your take-home pay.

Registration to our Employment Umbrella is swift, simple and stress-free, and we can get you set up in a matter of minutes. So, call us now on 01253 600 140, or click here to register online, and treat yourself to a new Umbrella (company) this Christmas!
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