Danbro’s Employment Umbrella

At Danbro, we’re more than payroll providers, we’re employers. For decades, our employment umbrella has provided contractors like you with the security and reliability of continuous employment. We offer the benefits – over and above those which are statutory – and protection of full-time employment.

It’s flexible too. Not only for you – the person taking on a short-term contract – but also for the company that’s employing you. We see it as our duty to ‘make everyday life happen’ for you, our employees.

How does Danbro’s employment umbrella work?

When you join Danbro, we’ll sign an agreement with your recruitment agency or end client. A contract of employment is then signed between you and Danbro, and you’ll hereby become our employee.

You’ll provide us with a weekly timesheet detailing things like expenses and hours of work. We’ll then invoice your end client for the money you’re entitled to.

We take care of things like tax, National Insurance contributions (NICs) and any other deductions required by law. Then, once we’ve retained our margin, we’ll pay the money into your bank account. Each time you’re paid, we’ll provide you with a payslip and reconciliation sheet, detailing your wages.

What are the benefits?

Our exclusive employment solutions combine the perks of permanent employment with the flexibility of freelancing. The benefits are ample. These include statutory payments, holiday pay, and Danbro’s private pension scheme. We’re on hand to support your contracting career. We’ll remove the administrative burden and make sure you’re paid on time and in full. You’re entitled to:

  • Full statutory employment rights
  • Online timesheet portal
  • Weekly payments, with mobile alerts
  • BUPA Cash Plan*
  • Danbro One pension scheme
  • Public Liability, Professional Indemnity & Employers’ Liability insurance
  • Personal accident cover
  • Discounted Self-Assessment tax return
  • Access to our dedicated customer care team
  • No set-up costs, no exit costs, no tie-in period
We’re also more than happy to provide references at no extra cost. This includes things like income confirmation for mortgage applications.

How do I sign up to Danbro’s employment umbrella?

You can sign up to our employment umbrella online now. Using our exclusive online portal it’ll take as little as 15 minutes. All you’ll need to do is upload your ID and right to work documentation. Then, simply accept your employment contract via the link we send you.

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Should you have any issues, or if you need to speak to an advisor, contact our team directly.

What will my employment status be?

When you join our umbrella company, you will become an employee of Danbro Employment Umbrella Ltd. We’ll ask you to read, accept and sign our terms and conditions. These get presented to you in the form of a Contract of Employment.

How much will it cost?

At Danbro, our standard gross margin is £25 per week. However, this can change depending on your circumstances, such as your SDC status or the rate of tax you pay. The actual cost to you is the net margin.

Be aware that some umbrella companies only quote the net margin. So, do take care when looking up the best deals.

Will I have to pay if I’m not working?

No. With Danbro, you’ll only pay a margin (one per timesheet) when we process your pay. There are no set up charges and no extra margins to worry about.

Furthermore, if we don’t pay you for five weeks we’ll get in touch to see if we can help.

What will my take home pay be?

Not sure how much you’re likely to take home as a contractor? Danbro’s free take-home pay calculator follows a set criteria. It applies relevant tax legislation to give you an accurate depiction of your take home pay in seconds. The calculations use tax and National Insurance rates from the current tax year. They’re based on the following assumptions:

  • Your tax code is 1250L.
  • You work 52 weeks per full tax year (4.3 weeks per month).
  • You don’t have earnings from other sources during the current tax year.
  • 8% pension contributions, capped at £67.52**.

Will IR35 affect me as an umbrella employee?

No. IR35 is a tax law that deals with ‘disguised employment’. So, it predominantly affects freelance contractors. The legislation targets those who are ordinarily viewed as employees, from falsely positioning themselves as sole traders or limited companies in order to avoid paying Income Tax and NICs. Umbrella company employees are generally considered to be ‘outside’ of IR35.

Are Danbro compliant?

Yes, completely. We treat compliance extremely seriously, operating strictly within the employment and tax legislation that’s applicable to our business. We are also an accredited member of the FCSA.

Why do I have to provide ID?

As your employer, it is our legal requirement to ask for proof of your identity and right to work in the UK.

Will Danbro find work for me?

It is your responsibility to contact agencies or companies for work and to tell us when you’ve found new work. We can then put contracts in place for the provision of your services.

Are there restrictions about which agencies I can work with?

No, not at all. We work with hundreds of agencies and companies from across the UK. So, if we’re not already contracting with them, we’ll ask you for their contact details to ensure that we’re able to establish a relationship that satisfies all parties.

What’s more, there are no charges to change agencies or companies. With Danbro’s employment umbrella, you can take us with you as you move from assignment to assignment. Just make sure you let us know if you switch.

Will I get holiday pay?

Yes. As a Danbro employee, you’re entitled to 28 days’ holiday per year, including bank holidays. We do not hold back holiday pay, so it’s included every time you get paid. The amount you’re paid will also be on your payslip. This is the amount you could choose to set aside for any holidays you might take.

Will I have a workplace pension?

Yes. You’ll have access to our exclusive Danbro One pension scheme – providing you meet the criteria. When you join, we’ll assess whether you’re eligible to be automatically enrolled after 12 weeks. We’ll provide more details on this when you register and will make sure you remain informed throughout the whole process.


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Further reading

Terms and conditions

* Bupa Cashplan is included in our standard margin. It may get added to our other solutions for an additional cost. Please be aware that this is not a contractual right. At our absolute discretion we reserve the right to terminate participation in the scheme, to substitute another scheme, or alter the benefits available to you under any such scheme. You can only become a member of this scheme if you’re aged 18 and over, and are a UK resident.

** The cap on pension contributions is due to the ‘upper earnings threshold’. You can increase your pension contributions through a private pension scheme.

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So, if Danbro’s employment umbrella is right for you, click here to register online. Our dedicated team of specialists will give you a free consultation, to help you find the most suitable option for your circumstances. Registration is swift, simple and stress-free and we can get you set up in a matter of minutes. For more information, contact our team today.

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