CIS Tax Refund: What Can I Claim?

Claiming your CIS tax refund can be complex and time-consuming. Most companies make you print, sign and post your tax return info, complicating the process and delaying your CIS tax refund. It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

Here at Danbro, we conduct fast, compliant, CIS tax returns online every year, helping thousands of subcontractors like you get the money you’re owed. With our exclusive online service, it takes no time at all for you to provide your CIS tax return info and start your claim.

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But, what is CIS; how do CIS tax returns work; and are you eligible for a CIS tax refund? Get the answers you need, below…

What is CIS?

The Construction Industry Scheme, or CIS, is a tax deduction scheme involving contractors and subcontractors from the construction industry. Under CIS, a contractor will deduct money from a subcontractor’s pay and send it to HMRC. The money’s considered as an ‘advance payment towards the subcontractor’s tax’.

All contractors who pay subcontractors for construction work in the UK must register for CIS. Whilst subcontractors do not have to register for CIS by law, deductions will get taken at a higher rate if they choose not to. Furthermore, CIS does not apply to payments made to PAYE employees working in the construction industry.

Am I eligible for a CIS tax refund?

If you’re a subcontractor, and you’ve paid too much tax, you could get a CIS tax refund. As a subcontractor, you’re responsible for paying the correct amount of tax for your small business – regardless of whether you’re registered with CIS.

How do I get my CIS tax back?

If you’ve had too much tax deducted under CIS, you could be entitled to get some of your CIS tax back. To make sure you get your CIS tax refund promptly, you need a specialist provider to save you time, reduce stress, and ensure compliance.

At Danbro, we’re specialists in CIS tax returns. For only £249 (+VAT), we’ll prepare and submit your CIS tax return, making sure you get more of the money you’re entitled to. What’s more, if you don’t qualify for a CIS tax refund, we won’t charge you a penny. No refund, no fee. And, as our fee gets taken from your refund, there are no up-front costs for you to pay.

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How long does a CIS tax refund take?

With Danbro, it doesn’t take long to get your CIS tax refund. Here’s how you can get your CIS tax back:
  1. Register online, here.
  2. Once registered, submit your CIS tax return information to our dedicated team.
  3. We’ll run a secure check on your information and make sure we’ve got what we need.
  4. Once we’ve prepared your return, you can approve your claim online in one quick click! We’ll then submit your CIS tax return to HMRC.
  5. You’ll get your money quickly! Our small fee gets deducted from your CIS tax refund.

When it comes to arranging your CIS tax return, compliance is key. So, we make no promises in relation to refunds that HMRC has not approved. With Danbro, you’ll receive a full record of your submission. We’ll also provide regular updates on the status of your tax rebate. It’s swift, simple and stress-free. All you need to do is sit back and consider how to spend your CIS tax refund.

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