We have a real commitment to enhancing our Corporate Social Responsibility in all areas. Here are some examples of how we’re making a conscious effort to improve things for everyone around us:

Charity Work

We always have something going on and try to do as much as we can for both local and national charities. We are one of the main sponsors for Operation Orphan, a charity supporting children around the world but we also raise money for a number of other charities and causes including; Children in Need, Red Nose Day, Wear it Pink, Macmillan, Blackpool Carers and many more…

Working with the local community – Being a North West business we get involved in a number of initiatives to support the area, including; National Apprenticeship week, litter picking on the local beach with ‘Love your Estuary’ and working with a local social enterprise ‘The Brothers of Charity’ to manage our canteen and coffee shop at our new premises from January 2015.

Changing Places Facilities

In support of the rights of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and/or other physical disabilities, we have installed special amenities at our Head Office, in Lytham St Annes. To read more, please click here.

Living Wage commitment

We are committed to providing the living wage to our employees through the living wage scheme. Employee satisfaction and the work-life balance of everyone who works for us is really important, this commitment goes a small way in helping us to be a responsible employer that people really enjoy working for.

Environmental Targets – We aim to achieve the Carbon Action Accreditation in the New Year (2015) and have a plan to ensure we continue to manage and reduce our carbon emissions. As part of this plan we have introduced some new initiatives including PC checks where we monitor who is turning their PC off at night, those who do get some sweets but those who don’t get a red balloon attached to their PC in the morning! We are continuously thinking of new and inventive ways to reduce any negative impact we have on the environment, for more information on what we’ve been doing and how this can help you, please contact qualityanddevelopment@danbro.co.uk.