Have you ever thought something was too good to be true? Like when you get a free scratch card in the paper telling you you’ve won £100,000, yet looking at the T&Cs it costs £5 per minute to call and there’s only one top prize to be won. So after 15 long minutes on the phone, speaking to an automated voice recording, you end up winning a £20 voucher for a garden centre that is 30 miles away from your 3rd floor flat. All in all, you’ve lost £55 and …Read More

Following Unite’s call to ban ‘exploitative’ Umbrella companies from working with NHS Trusts, Danbro Executive Chairman, Damian Broughton responds by saying ignorance remains on how these solutions actually work.


He told Recruiter: “All of these ways of operating have to account for employer’s NI, which, at some point, is taken off the gross rate that is agreed with a worker. Even if a worker is a full-time employee, the NHS trust still has the cost of employer’s NI to be added to its agreed rate, to show the total cost to the trust.


“NHS …Read More

I met with a friend recently who I hadn’t seen for few years, and of course, we went through the whole “long time no see” chat. When I said “oh, I work for an umbrella company” she looked baffled – for a moment I think she thought I was covering metal frames with water repellent fabric!


Trying to explain the role of umbrella companies and that they are very much needed in these economic times was somewhat interesting. Who builds the country’s fighter jets? Maintains the railways? Provides specialist technologies? …Read More

Managin Director of Danbro, Helen Broughton, MBE

Congratulations to Danbro Managing Director Helen Broughton, MBE, who was shortlisted for a North West Women in Business Award last week!


The awards were launched this year by Barclays, in recognition of women who have made an outstanding contribution to business in our region. Karen Johnston, Head of Larger Business for Barclays in the North West said:


“Women from all sectors across the North West are securing key roles in business and we wanted to recognise exceptional achievements for the contribution they are making.”


The inaugural awards ceremony took place at Tatton Park …Read More

The Taylor Review has launched today after much anticipation, with Matthew Taylor recommending that the ‘Worker’ is now better described as the ‘Dependent Contractor.’ The Review which looks at the UK’s labour market and employment practices, was commissioned by the Prime Minister in October last year, following concerns about modern ways of working and the rise of platform based business models, such as the one utilised by taxi firm Uber.


Uber have always argued that their drivers are not employed, and that they are a technology company offering a digital platform …Read More

Introduction by Damian Broughton MBE, Executive Chairman of Danbro and a founding member of PRISM.

Today marks the publication of the ‘Rules of Engagement’ report, which reviews the way workers operate as self-employed or employed in our current environment. We are proud to support PRISM, who commissioned this report.

There are several other reviews being carried out this year and it is hoped that the Government will act upon many of the recommendations that ensue. The overwhelming cry from the sector is for certainty, stability and transparency. This report will help in …Read More

Philip Hammond announced that this would be the last Spring Budget. The last time a ‘last spring budget’ was announced was 24 years ago by Chancellor Norman Lamont. 10 weeks later he was sacked…

Watch this space.

In a budget that some say is backtracking by the Conservatives, and with further tax measures taken against the self-employed, Danbro take a look at the major changes affecting the contractor and freelance community:


Key Points

The big news was that Class 4 National Insurance Contributions for the self-employed are to increase from 9% to 10% from …Read More

By Damian Broughton MBE

Some would say that 2016 was one of the most noteworthy years for change, but as we’re now firmly into the new year, it looks as though 2017 could become even more notorious than its predecessor. I would like to say from the outset that we must remember that change always brings with it opportunities. And that it is up to us to grasp those opportunities.

So, what do we already know?

Well, two changes that will affect our sector dramatically this year are:

The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy

The …Read More

Contributors: Kieran Whelan, Aidan Radcliffe, James Spann, Lesley Schofield & Lynne Holmes

I’m sure that when faced with choosing any product or service, cost and reputation are at the forefront of our minds. But even then, how do you choose a company who suit your values? In a sector which has been construed as boring and having no personality, and with all accountants and firms viewed in the same way, how does a customer choose the right firm for them?

It suddenly struck me – perhaps those struggling customers would benefit from …Read More

By Chris Jones – Regional Sales Manager

It’s safe to say that over the past couple of years the legislative spotlight has been on the self-employed, with all aspects of a contractor’s role under the HMRC microscope. Understandably in recent months the focus has been on “what are we losing as contractors?” rather than “what are the advantages?”

However, the contracting sector is increasing year on year. With data from the ONS showing that self-employment rose from 3.8 million to 4.6 million between 2008 and 2015, working for yourself remains an attractive …Read More