Why do you need to ask questions about my assignment and work?

Put simply, we ask these questions primarily to find out whether you are able to claim any allowable expenses and therefore increase your take-home pay.

The series of questions asked are known as an SDC (Supervision, Direction or Control) Questionnaire. This series of questions will determine if you’re eligible to claim expenses under the HMRC T&S (Travel & Subsistence) rules introduced in April 2016, and therefore potentially allow you to claim for some of your work-related expenses. Danbro need to ask these questions to prove to HMRC why we have allowed expense claims, and in order to ensure that you’re working compliantly and paying the correct amount of tax and NI.
If you don’t wish to claim any expenses whilst on your contract we don’t need to run through the questionnaire, so just let us know.
In addition to expenses we also ask for details regarding your assignment when working through Danbro’s Employment Umbrella Service, as you’ll be classed as an employee of Danbro. As your employer, we need to know certain details of your work, such as address and job title. We appreciate that you may not have all the information required, so assignment details will also be requested from your agency upon registration.