Why do some other payroll providers quote a higher take-home pay than Danbro?

At Danbro we pride ourselves on compliance.

This means that you can have peace of mind, knowing that all necessary deductions are being made correctly for you. When speaking with other providers, the take-home pay amount you’re quoted should not vary too much, as each company should be making the same deductions (income tax, Employee’s & Employer’s NI etc.). The difference between each quote provided should be minimal, and is usually is down to margins charged by the individual provider.

If you’re being quoted a significant percentage of your income (e.g. 80% or over), we would suggest checking with the provider to see how they’re getting to this end figure. This is to ensure they are making the correct deductions for you.
There are certain things that you can look out for which can help to detect if a provider may not be working compliantly, such as:
• Contractor Loans – If a provider advises you that your income is paid via a loan, and therefore is non-taxable, it is highly likely that this could be a tax avoidance scheme. If investigated, you may have to pay back any unpaid tax to HMRC.
• Expenses – If expenses are added into your quote without any or very few questions regarding your working practices and assignment, these could be incorrectly included. HMRC insist that providers carry out an SDC Questionnaire (Supervision, Direction or Control) to see if you’re eligible for work-related expenses before allowing these to form part of your take-home pay.