Payslips explained

  • How will I get paid?

    We will process your payment on the same day that we receive cleared funds from your agency/client.

  • How can I check I have been paid correctly?

    Each time you are paid, you will receive a payslip by email detailing your income, expenses and the appropriate deductions to arrive at your net salary. You can also view your payslip through DOTS, your online portal.

  • Am I entitled to sick/statutory payments like paternity pay?

    Yes. As an employee of Danbro, you are entitled to statutory payments. If you want to claim please contact your team.

  • Do you pay me holiday pay?

    Holiday pay is included in your contracted pay, we do not hold back any of your funds. We detail the amount you should set aside for holiday pay on your payslip for you to manage and look after yourself. As a contractor you are entitled to 20 days holiday and 8 bank holidays.

  • What insurance am I covered by?

    When you join Danbro you will be covered by the following insurance as standard:

    £10 million in Employers Liability Insurance
    £5 million Public Liability Insurance
    £5 million in Professional Indemnity Insurance
    You are also covered by personal accident insurance

  • Do I have access to childcare vouchers?

    Yes. You have the option to attribute a proportion of your salary to be used to purchase childcare vouchers (known as salary sacrifice). Opting to use our childcare voucher scheme is a tax efficient way to pay for your childcare and could save you up to £2392* per annum on childcare costs.

    *subject to your circumstances.

  • Can I be paid before you get the money from my agency?

    Yes we can arrange this for you either as a one-off or a permanent arrangement for a small additional charge. You will see EPC on your payslip.