The Evolving World of the Contractor

December 12, 2016 @ 11:49 am by Dena Salthouse

By Chris Jones – Regional Sales Manager

It’s safe to say that over the past couple of years the legislative spotlight has been on the self-employed, with all aspects of a contractor’s role under the HMRC microscope. Understandably in recent months the focus has been on “what are we losing as contractors?” rather than “what are the advantages?”

However, the contracting sector is increasing year on year. With data from the ONS showing that self-employment rose from 3.8 million to 4.6 million between 2008 and 2015, working for yourself remains an attractive …Read More

Why it pays to have a Christmas Party!

December 7, 2016 @ 10:08 am by Dena Salthouse

By Rebecca Crawford

Yes, it’s December; there’s no getting away from the fact that the festive season is officially upon us. How quickly the year goes!  One minute you’re enjoying the spring air, you blink and all of a sudden Christmas is around the corner!

We all like to celebrate, especially at this time of year; we’ve worked hard all year and we deserve to let our hair down. At Danbro, our Christmas ‘do’ has been planned for months; a night of fun and laughter with all my fantastic colleagues – I’m …Read More

My Employer is an Umbrella Company, What are my Rights? Part Two

December 5, 2016 @ 9:16 am by Helen Broughton MBE

Following on from part one, what are your rights?

When you start work through an Umbrella company they should make sure that your contract rate of pay is comparable to (the same or better than) the rate that you could expect if you were a direct employee of the company you are providing your services to (your end client).

After 12 weeks on the same contract, all workers are entitled to equal treatment under the Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) introduced 1st October 2011.

The key point being that those on a temporary or …Read More

My Employer is an Umbrella Company, What are my Rights? Part One

December 2, 2016 @ 12:09 pm by Helen Broughton MBE

Hundreds of thousands of contractors, whose expertise supports companies with projects of a fixed duration, are compelled to work through a limited company, either one of their own or an Umbrella Company.  They move from contract to contract providing specialist services to thousands of businesses across the UK and are often referred to as the backbone of the economy, providing a flexible workforce such as has never been seen before.  The so-called gig economy will undoubtedly inflate these numbers exponentially.

The relationship between an Umbrella Company and its employees

The relationship between …Read More

Working Away…How does it pay? All you need to know about Chargeable Expenses

December 1, 2016 @ 9:20 am by Dena Salthouse

By Samantha Dolphin

Working away or travelling long distances can be expensive. However, for the right contract, it may benefit you financially, particularly if your end client or agency has agreed to reimburse you for certain costs you incur along the way – we call these ‘chargeable expenses’.

What are Chargeable Expenses?

These are expenses your agency has agreed to reimburse you with, even if you are under Supervision, Direction or Control. They can be offset against your tax and National Insurance (NI) providing

They are allowable
There’s a written claim
You can provide evidence (your …Read More

Are You Ready For Making Tax Digital? We Are!

November 21, 2016 @ 5:09 pm by Dena Salthouse

By Neil Ormesher

In 2015, HMRC announced plans to transform the tax system to bring this up to date with the current digital age which will spell the end of the annual tax return.

Making Tax Digital (MTD) will be phased in from 2016 and is set to end in 2020. Initially, from 2018, unincorporated businesses and landlords will be required to keep track of their tax affairs digitally and report this to HMRC at least every quarter, with the option of submitting more frequently. Limited Companies are expected to come into …Read More

New Chancellor Must Recognise Power of Temporary Workforce in Autumn Statement

November 16, 2016 @ 4:32 pm by Damian Broughton MBE

As our new Chancellor Phillip Hammond prepares to deliver his first Autumn Statement, he must be mindful of recent events and the importance of the UK’s temporary workforce as a catalyst for economic growth.

UK PLC has been under an immense amount of pressure in recent years and that looks set to continue in light of events ranging from the Brexit vote to Donald Trump being elected as the 45th President of the United States.

Despite these global pressures, the UK has proved to be resilient and we consistently recover from dips …Read More

Gig and Umbrella

November 12, 2016 @ 4:30 pm by Damian Broughton MBE

Over recent months much has been written about the ‘gig’ economy, describing its rise, its popularity for both workers and consumers, and discussing how ‘workers’ in the gig economy should operate.

Should the worker be classed as an employee or be ‘self-employed’. A direct challenge to Uber by 2 workers (out of 40,000 in the UK), culminating in the decision handed down by a tribunal which described the Uber drivers as ‘workers’. Many will be thinking that we are all workers, so what is the difference. Well, in UK law there …Read More

Fingers Crossed for the 23rd – Autumn Statement

November 11, 2016 @ 9:35 am by Dena Salthouse

Autumn Statement hopes and wishes- by John Thorburn

There has been much written already on the proposed reform of the intermediaries legislation (“IR35”) for those off payroll workers in the public sector, unsurprisingly most of which is not in favour, focussing on the impractical nature of the proposal and the inevitable fall out; skill shortages, contract rate uncertainty, lack of employment rights and potential false employment.

Whilst the tide of opinion from professional bodies, agencies, freelancers and government advisors (The Office of Tax Simplification) swells for the abandonment, or at least postponement, …Read More

Uber Ruling and the Gig Economy

November 8, 2016 @ 4:31 pm by Sarah Cullingworth

In my last article I discussed the meteoric rise of the gig economy, with Uber being one of its major players. But does last month’s ruling on the ride-hailing platform threaten to bring it all crashing down?

A tribunal concluded that two Uber drivers (who were representing a larger group of nineteen), rather than being self-employed, were in fact to be classed as ‘workers’, and were therefore entitled to the National Minimum Wage, rest breaks, and other protections.

It was concluded that, “it is not real to regard Uber as working ‘for’ …Read More