Month: June 2017

Effect of the Gig Economy on Contracting

June 21, 2017 @ 11:20 am by Damian Broughton MBE

In today’s digital world many of us no longer view work as a place to go, but as a task to be achieved, with surging demand from big companies driving the so-called ‘gig economy.’

There are concerns about the gig economy – as we’ve discussed previously, but at the high end of the freelancing sector, there are rapid growth opportunities for skilled, independent professionals. Typically these professionals work through their own Limited Company or through an Umbrella Company.

We have seen several reviews into the modern way of working being instigated this …Read More

Taking On Your First Employee

June 13, 2017 @ 4:42 pm by Helen Broughton MBE

Taking on your first employee is an important milestone of your business’ development. However, there are many administrative tasks, as well as legal requirements to consider. We’ve teamed up with our Managing Director, Helen Broughton MBE (who knows a thing or two about setting up a successful business) to give you our guide to taking on your first employee.


 Step 1 – Preparation


Create a job description – What do you want your employee to do? What skills will they need? How many hours will they need to work? What salary can …Read More